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Dunk Island comes to life for a special celebration

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

The former Dunk Island Resort came back to life for a special one-day-only event on Friday 25 October to celebrate Mayfair Iconic Propertie's recent purchase of over 200 tourism-related properties in the Mission Beach area.

Over 250 people attended the celebration which was held in the resort’s former restaurant and bar space, overlooking the iconic butterfly pool.

Sponsored by Moet-Hennessey and Nautica, the event offered guests a glimpse into the resort’s previous status as one of Australia’s premier tourism destinations. Alongside taking in the island’s incredible natural beauty, guests enjoyed a live performance by special guest star, Australian singer Ricki-Lee.

The main purpose of the event was to bring together local residents, investors and key stakeholders to enable the Mayfair 101 team to acknowledge the work that had been done thus far to help realise its ambitions for the broader Mission Beach area.

Speaking at the event, Mayfair 101 founder and Managing Director, James Mawhinney, shared the Group’s vision to position Mission Beach as Australia’s tourism Mecca and to ensure that Dunk Island resumes its place as the jewel in the crown of far-north Queensland.

Central to its plans is to create a series of interconnected resorts across both Dunk Island and the mainland that cater to a broad range of tourism markets, and celebrate and enhance the area’s natural beauty and laid-back, lower density lifestyle.

Among the other speakers at the event were Mayor of the Cassowary Coast Council, John Kremastos, and the local Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter, with both commending the Mayfair 101 Group’s vision and aspirations for the region.

Over the course of the coming year, Mayfair Iconic Properties will continue to engage with all levels of government, local businesses and the community to ensure that their future plans are built on a strong understanding of the local environment and plans are in place for future success.


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