Mayfair 101 webinar series: "Smart Income Investment Strategies"

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  and education on
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Duration: 30min


Join us for our LIVE webinar series and peek inside in the Mayfair 101's growth strategy hosted by the Managing Director, James Mawhinney.

James Mawhinney will provide an insightful presentations and education on best-practice and game-changing investment strategies - "How and why we do, what we do".


This live streamed webinar offers an interactive opportunity for our current and potential investors to gain a comprehensive understanding of Mayfair 101' strategy and get to know our team & advisors, IPO Wealth Fund, Portfolio Companies and the future growth plans and how to best capitalise on this. 

LIVE WEBINAR: "Smart Income Investment Strategies"



James Mawhinney

Mayfair 101 - Founder

James is founder of Mayfair 101, a boutique investment group with a portfolio spanning more than 10 countries.  He has substantial commercial experience in local and overseas markets in investment management, mergers & acquisitions, initial public offerings (IPO's), initial coin offerings (ICO's) and high growth businesses. 


James has a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (Investment Finance Major) and over a decade of online marketing experience, having co-founded and scaled a digital marketing company that he subsequently listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).  He consults to a portfolio of technology companies on how to access capital and scale their businesses internationally, with a particular focus on the fintech and big data sectors.



Accloud -  Amit Pau, Executive Director
Accloud aims to create a blockchain-based ecosystem that will enable digitisation of SMEs, creating a B2B marketplace that reduces the number of intermediaries. Accoin, a payment token, will serve as the primary way of settling transactions within the system, shielding SMEs from external volatility, additional transaction and liquidity costs. Accloud will initially launch in India and will later scale globally.

ADBIT - Aaron Monk, Co-Founder & CEO
ADBIT is the world’s first blockchain powered media marketplace. The ADBIT Media Exchange will integrate with a powerful rewards system to encourage usage with incentiv-ized user participation and utilization. In addition, ADBIT Media Exchange will feature a powerful data collection program that will assist with real-time contextual metrics.

CHKDN - James Kouzinas, Co-Founder & CEO
CHKDN is a high value accommodation network that leverages blockchain, artificial intelli-gence and an innovative rewards program to create a seamless guest experience. CHKDN aims to solve some of the accommodation industry’s biggest inefficiencies using an innovative approach to blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies.

Liven - William Wong, Co-Founder
Liven is an established, universal restaurant rewards network with integrated payment facility servicing 200,000+ users transacting at 1,000+ venues in Australia’s largest two cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Operating with a universal network rewards currency, users participate in an economy in which they transact in-app and receive a reward currency that is used perpetually within Liven’s network of merchants.

MXII Global - James Mawhinney, Founder
MXII Global has formulated a blockchain-based solution to bridge the gap between SME’s & consumers needing access to credit, and those seeking a consistent return on their idle money.

MYNT - Gary Davis, Co-Founder
MYNT is a new generation monetary system that is consistently backed by a realizable, growing asset: data. MYNT unlocks the value of the world's largest asset and rewards participants with an asset-backed cryptocurrency that can be used for every-day purchases via a growing network of merchants.

Sportsfix - Carl Kirchoff, CEO
SportsFix is a mobile-centric live streaming platform for sports fans in ASEAN region.  SportsFix acquires media rights and distributes this content to a broad user base using OTT technology.  The company is developing the world’s first blockchain based sports content media platform via a token offering.