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Investor Education Centre > Industry Trends > Start-up investing for beginners

Start-up investing for beginners

Are you looking for new investment opportunities? Do you want to be part of the next big thing? Start-up investing, also known as seed investing or early stage investing, is a way to invest in new start-up businesses during the development or market research phase. These businesses need capital to get their ideas off the ground, with funding often coming from forward-thinking individuals and companies. Getting started in this brave new world is easier than you think, with investment specialists able to connect you with exciting new start-ups and get you in on the ground floor.

Why is start-up capital needed?

Every good idea starts from somewhere, with start-up investors responsible for providing seed capital to new business ventures. While some established businesses are able to self-fund new ideas or use existing profits to expand into new fields, most ideas remain at the concept phase until they have enough capital to get up and running. This has and always will be the case, with life-changing ideas and disruptive businesses still needing to raise capital before they become self-sufficient and profitable.

What is start-up capital used for?

Start-up capital can be used for many things, from conceptualisation and market research through to product design and development. Starting a new business or initiating a new idea can be very expensive, with investors fulfilling an important function that can lead to significant profits down the road. While early-stage investing is speculative by nature, it can also be incredibly rewarding. There are many ways to mitigate the risk, especially when you work with an investment company with strong security measures in place.

How you can reduce risk and increase potential profits

If you're thinking about getting started with new start-up projects, it's important to build a relationship with an investment firm. While anyone can go it alone, putting your own money on the line without support can be incredibly risky. This is especially true when it comes to start-up investments, which may not make it past the proof of concept stage and can potentially fall apart at any stage. Discerning investors demand responsible and strategic investments in order to reduce risk and maximise potential returns. There are lots of ways to filter start-up projects in order to find the best opportunities.

  • The start-up needs to have a strong business plan in place from the outset. A good idea is not enough by itself, with every successful business based on strategic goals and realistic objectives.

  • A strong management team is required, with new investors advised to only work with people who have a track record of raising money. When the idea is new, experience is more important than ever.

  • The most secure start-up investments involve an existing business moving into a new field or embracing a novel format. A strong track record in a related discipline is an attractive form of insurance.

  • Many start-ups fail along the way, with investors often losing money as a result. In order to reduce your risk, it's important to access flexible terms so you can get your money out at the next round.

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