Saving Australian Businesses from COVID-19

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Saving Australian Businesses from COVID-19

Why this opportunity matters

Virgin Australia has had significant financial challenges following the COVID-19 outbreak, with the fleet being grounded and thousands of staff stood down.  It is facing financial ruin, which would leave Australia with just one major airline (Qantas), resulting in less choice and many Virgin customers pining for the exceptional Virgin experience they are so used to.

Australia needs a second airline, and the Mayfair 101 Group is capable of playing a significant role in ensuring Virgin Australia survives COVID-19 and remains in Australian skies.

By applying financial models that have worked effectively for the Mayfair 101 Group, we have devised a plan to save Virgin Australia by leveraging their loyal Velocity membership base of over 7 million members.

Social benefits

  • Employment - Virgin employs over 10,000 staff which may otherwise be faced with redundancy

  • Tourism - Australia needs its tourism industry to rebound following COVID-19, and Virgin Australia has an important role in facilitating this

  • Duopoly - a second major national carrier promotes healthy competition and choice for consumers

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