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What is a M12 Maximiser?

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

Choosing an investment product can be often confusing with so many different product types available on the market. Term deposits, corporate and government bonds, annuities and fixed-income funds are all common places investors park idle money seeking a consistent return. Many of there products however offer low returns which makes it hard to keep ahead of inflation.

More recently there has been the emergence of a new category of investment product for investors seeking regular returns, a M12 Maximiser.

What is a M12 Maximiser?

A M12 Maximiser is an investment product that provides investors with the opportunity to earn a regular income or distribution 12 times per year. The product is often offered for different investment periods with rates varying depending on the duration of the investment.

Who does a M12 Maximiser suit?

If you are seeking regular monthly returns a M12 Maximiser may be the right fit for you. Retirees, self-managed super funds (SMSF), or individuals that like receiving a monthly payment whether to live off or supplement other investment income, can find M12 Maximisers an attractive alternative to other cash investment products.

What are the risks?

Investors should consider the risks outlined in disclosure documents prior to making an investment in an M12 Maximiser product. The risk profile is generally different when compared to other cash investment products such as term deposits and bonds, and the degree of difference is largely dependent on the strength of the underlying assets.


This article does not constitute personal investment advice or an offer to invest. Please seek independent advice as to whether a M12 Maximiser is right for you.


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