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Podcast with Nest Egg - Seeking reliable income in a low interest environment

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Mayfair 101 Managing Director, James Mawhinney, was in Sydney recently to speak with the Nest Egg podcast team about IPO Wealth's investment products.

Nest Egg is a recognised source of investment information for self-funded retirees and SMSF's. It also acts as a community for investors to share their insights, experiences, strategies and connect with each other.

This 20 minute interview covers topics including:

  • Modernising and discovering the alternatives to term deposits

  • What the government guarantee means for investors

  • New income streams for high-net-worth investors

  • Why financial planners, lawyers and accountants are not necessarily the best people to ask for investment advice

  • The gap IPO Wealth fills in the traditional investment product market

» Listen to the full IPO Wealth podcast here


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