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Peter Switzer - Money Talks - with IPO Wealth

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

November 19, 2018 episode

Catch-up with Peter Switzer for a no-nonsense approach to wealth creation and preservation. Looking at some strategies that sophisticated investors are relying on with IPO Wealth Managing Director James Mawhinney.

James Mawhinney talks about:

  • international investment strategies;

  • investing in emerging companies;

  • the importance of diversifying the investment portfolio;

  • de-risking the investments;

  • why should investors consider social impact investments.

“Decide weather or not international investment is part of your investment strategy and if this will align with the broader investment portfolio. It’s’ really important to have a good macro-view of the landscape where you are investing first and consider the geographical region and if it’s likely to impact the investment itself” stated Mawhinney.

In this episode Peter Switzer speaks with Michael Gable from Fairmont Equities, Sarah Hunter from BIS Oxford Economics and Investors Mutual’s Anton Tagliaferro on looking for signs of a Santa Claus rally.

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