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Mayfair Iconic Properties Grant First Major Contract to Local Business for Dunk Island Redevelopment

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Mayfair Iconic Properties has today revealed that the tender for the Dunk Island Spit Bar construction has been awarded to a local contractor in Cairns, marking Mayfair Iconic Properties’ first major contract milestone following the purchase of Dunk Island in September 2019 by the Mayfair 101 Group.

The project is part of a $1.6 billion redevelopment plan led by Mayfair Iconic Properties to restore Dunk Island and the Mission Beach region as the leading island destination in the Asia-Pacific.

Mayfair Iconic Properties released its initial vision for upgrades to the Dunk Island Spit, along with renders, two months ago. The contract being announced today, valued at over $1.7 million, will see a brand-new bar and café introduced to the Dunk Island Spit.

The construction work, awarded to Cairns-based Bryant Building Contractors (‘Bryant’), is scheduled to commence shortly and be completed by the July school holidays. They will bring to life three of the key components shared in December 2019, conceptualised by Hunt Design: the Spit Bar, Amenities and BBQ area.

According to Bryant, this three-month project will create direct employment for around 45 local tradesmen and subcontractors, plus a further 15-20 island staff, including plant operators and cleaners. There will also be many indirect employment benefits to the community through Bryant’s policy of using local suppliers for all building materials and fit-outs.

Stuart Duplock, CEO of Mayfair Iconic Properties

Mayfair Iconic Properties CEO, Stuart Duplock, commented, “We are pleased to bring a local construction company onto our journey to reinstate Dunk Island and the greater Mission Beach area as one of Australia’s leading tourism destinations. The appointment of Bryant Building Contractors reflects our promise to the local community to source and employ locally wherever we can.

“Work has been underway for some time to support the large-scale construction required to restore the region. Locals and tourists can now expect to enjoy a meal and a drink, accompanied by the gorgeous views unique to the iconic Dunk Island Spit, in the near future.”

Max Bryant, CEO of Bryant, said, “As a local company, we know firsthand that the Far North Queensland economy is powered by tourism and hospitality. Besides direct employment and economic benefits to the community, this construction project will result in a new surge of tourism confidence and spending on its completion. It’s exciting to see things happen on the ground, and we’re delighted to play our part.”

The request for registrations of interest was advertised in the local newspapers. Six of the eleven interested parties who registered were shortlisted and all of the shortlisted companies are from Far North Queensland.

Mayfair Iconic Properties has made significant progress following the Mayfair 101 Group’s purchase of Dunk Island last September, including securing the 30-year lease of the Dunk Island Spit from the Cassowary Coast Regional Council, settling over 120 properties in the Mission Beach region and slipping the company’s first and permanent barge into the sea to facilitate the re-development of Dunk Island. Positive changes, such as the reinvigorated local housing market, have already been seen by the local community, as a result.

In the vision released last December, sand replenishment and revegetation of the Spit is another priority on the list for Mayfair Iconic Properties, which is scheduled for implementation in the imminent future.

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