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Mayfair 101's M12 Global reignites retail bond market for investors seeking higher yields in the UK

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Mayfair 101's wholly owned subsidiary company M12 Global is in the process of issuing its first retail bond. Its CEO, Charles Grant reveals how the company's new investment solution aims to reignite the retail bond market to provide UK investors with an alternative income stream.

"We are offering our investors a range of income products. Our retail bond will be listed on the ORB (Ordinary Retail Book) section of the London Stock Exchange and will be available to retail and institutional investors in the UK that are struggling to access yields and products that are secure and offer a regular income" Grant says.

He explains: "The key characteristics of the M12 Global retail bond will be: its insured by an A- rated insurer, asset backed, FCA regulated, listed and cornerstoned by our parent company, Mayfair 101."

By listing a retail bond, Grant says it is opening up the benefits of corporate bonds to the retail market that is otherwise reserved for professional and institutional investors - which is what the ORB market was designed to do.


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