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Mayfair 101 re-thinking traditional banking models to create value for investors

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Mayfair 101 set out to deliver a banking style model but without the traditional banking architecture.

“What we did in Australia with the IPO Wealth Fund is provide investors with the ability to invest in a product as an alternative to a bank” said James Mawhinney, Mayfair 101 Managing Director.

“We provide a greater rate of return than what investors can get in a lot of cash investment products along with the ability to park their money for a fixed period up to 5 years. What the capital enables us to do as a group is supplement our existing capital resources to then make investments that we carefully select.”

Mayfair 101 has developed a portfolio across 11 countries, 10 sectors and diversified across five currencies.

''We are very diversified from that perspective and what we're doing with the launch of the M12 Global brand is effectively facilitating the same outcome as IPO Wealth with what will end up being a retail bond structure'' said Mr Mawhinney.


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