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Mayfair 101 investment strategy and market update

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Mayfair 101 Managing director James Mawhinney says the fund manager uses convertible notes as they provide a cash flow for investor dividends. Mawhinney stated: "The fund primarily invests in companies well past the startup stage, that have "earned their keep".

Mayfair 101 identifies companies in growth markets that it can develop through the provision of capital, expertise and

contact networks. Finance is typically allocated via convertible notes to provide a coupon (income stream) to the group and

its investors, with the option of Mayfair 101 converting its investment to equity when the investee company achieves pre-agreed milestones.

Mayfair 101 holds investments in 11 countries and has invested in both emerging sectors, such as payment systems, and emerging markets such as India, including an investment in PayMate India.

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