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Mayfair 101 'in a unique position' as it expands interest in digital currency

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

James Mawhinney, Managing Director of Mayfair 101, tells Proactive they're a boutique investment company established in 2009 making a number of investments primarily in the technology space.

''We have interests in our portfolio across 9 countries … soon to be 11 or 12 countries and especially in the last six months we've seen an opportunity to divert a portion of the portfolio more towards the digital currency space''.

''It's become very evident that blockchain technology can create a lot of efficiencies in businesses, in systems and generally speaking in society''

''It makes sense for us to divert a lot of our interest down that path from a liquidity perspective but also in terms of the opportunity it brings the portfolio companies we have''.


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