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Mayfair 101 Group Update on COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Dear Investor,

In recent weeks COVID-19 has rapidly gripped financial markets, creating considerable uncertainty and volatility for those directly exposed to public markets, and a plethora of opportunities as the world’s financial system and health systems face recovery from this unprecedented economic event.   We have prepared a comprehensive investor update from the Mayfair 101 Group which we encourage you to take the time to read -

We are actively navigating the challenges posed by COVID-19 with the strength of a portfolio not subject to the price volatility we have seen in the public markets in recent weeks, and are taking proactive steps to ensure the Group and our investors are poised to benefit as and when economic and social conditions improve. We are committed to continuing to manage the Group’s investment and capital preservation activities to best protect our investors.  Sincerely, James Mawhinney Founder & Managing Director

Mayfair 101


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