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Mayfair 101 continues steady growth into 2019 as international expansion continues

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Mayfair 101 Managing Director James Mawhinney updates Investors on the company's operations, as well as opportunities in emerging markets.

Mr Mawhinney also discusses upcoming developments to Mayfair's wider network, including the formal establishment of a financial services firm, M12 Global in London.

Mr Mawhinney said “Its been a busy period, more importantly we have shifted the group into foundational security mode rather than focusing on growth. We are investing a lot of time and resources into building up our platform and launching M12 Global”.

“The opportunities that present themselves, are to effectively reallocate capital from low interest rate environments to markets where they can pay far more attractive interest rates, creating a win win for investors and for those borrowing money”.

“What we see is that the markets have emerged, and economies have grown at quite a rapid rate.”


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