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Liven Through to Final 25 in Richard Branson's Extreme Tech Challenge

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Mayfair 101's portfolio company, Liven, has been selected among the final 25 in Richard Branson's Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC).

Congratulations to Liven's exceptional management team and staff for achieving this outstanding recognition on a global scale. It is a delight to see an Australian business tackling an enormous opportunity and being recognised for its many successes throughout its growth phase.

This highlights the scaleability of Liven's business model and platform to reward customers for eating out. It also demonstrates the global recognition Liven is achieving for its innovative payment solution that creates a win-win for merchants such as restaurants and their customers.

Mayfair 101 wishes Liven's team the best of luck in the final's and hopes to see them succeed on Richard Branson's Necker Island!

Extreme Tech Challenge is a competition that empowers entrepreneurs and their companies by providing visibility, resources, and gives competitors the ability to grow exponentially in scale and knowledge at a low to no incremental cost. XTC strives to inspire and provide growth to up and coming entrepreneurs and business by surrounding them with mentors that to help guide them as they build on product success with business success.

XTC pulls this all together into an experience that money cannot buy with showcase events at the world’s largest technology trade show, CES, and also at Sir Richard Branson’s own Necker Island.


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