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IPO Wealth surpasses $50m and capitalises on shift away from banks

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

IPO Wealth Managing Director James Mawhinney speaks about raising the $50 million plus from Australian wholesale investors since the establishment of the IPO Wealth Fund in March of last year.

"We've just recently achieved an excellent milestone, which actually occurred a lot sooner than we thought it would: we've now raised our 50 millionth dollar into the fund. We have, as of July this year, a 91% retention rate. So nine out of ten investors that park money with us - whether it's for a three, six or twelve month term - are actually rolling over for future terms. We have put a really heavy emphasis on our customer service,” stated Mr Mawhinney.

IPO Wealth will be building upon the success of its fund and strategy to date with geographic expansion into the markets of the European Union and the United Kingdom.


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