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Invitation - MYNT: A Sneak Preview of a Game-Changing, Blockchain-Based Currency

Join us for this invite-only event to learn about MYNT - a new currency that capitalises on one of the world's most under-utilised assets; data.

Join Mayfair 101’s London-based portfolio company – MYNT, and a range of industry specialists at this invite-only event held in Melbourne and Sydney.

You will learn:

  • Why data is one of the world's most under-utilised assets

  • How data can support the evolution of a new, universal monetary system

  • How your organisation can commercialise on unused data from the wisdom generated through the MYNT platform

  • Why blockchain technology makes this a real opportunity right now

  • How MYNT plans on acquiring a multi-billion dollar data asset to underpin its currency

  • Why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have failed to deliver tangible and sustainable value

  • How MYNT plans to execute a mass-adoption strategy to create a liquid, every-day transactable currency

  • Why Mayfair 101 selected this investment opportunity

  • How you can participate in the rollout of MYNT and gain a first-mover advantage!

This event will be education-focused with presentations being given by a range of blockchain and finance specialists involved in the rollout of this project.

Speakers include:

Eligible investors will be able to participate in facilitating the creation and take-up of a sustainable, asset-based, digitised version of fiat currencies that has the potential to quickly become commonplace within society thanks to blockchain technology.

Tickets are available now and seats are strictly limited. *For Mayfair 101 and IPO Wealth partners & investors admission, please select "Mayfair 101 partners" ticket.


- Thursday, 4th October: Shangria-La Sydney

- Monday, 8th October: Crown Melbourne



This will be a great opportunity to meet investors, blockchain industry experts and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and obtain a sneak preview of how MYNT plans to forge a new standard in the currency and blockchain space.

To get your ticket please contact:

Ashlee McNamara

Ph: 03 9653 7395



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