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Investors seek alternative investment offerings and portfolio diversification

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

The IFA Business Strategy Day in Perth last week marked the conclusion of the successful event series. 

IPO Wealth’s CEO, Ewan Laughlin and the team were at each event to impart their knowledge and expertise in alternative investment solutions  and how IPO Wealth has helped a significant number of investors diversify their investment portfolio. 

The captivating sessions allowed industry professionals to hear first-hand about the changing forces in the financial services sector and their effect on financial advice of the future. 

"In the current low cash rate environment, we see an increased demand from our investors to look beyond traditional markets. There has been a distinct shift to alternative providers, and we are here to support investors with their investment strategies" stated Mr Laughlin.

Mr Laughlin spoke on the immersive panel sessions held across the country urging financial advisors to investigate alternative cash investment products. 

"As investors demand more customised products and outcome-oriented solutions, financial advisors find themselves in amplified competition as each are increasingly  urged by their clients for non-traditional investment products. The industry needs to keep up with the investors' appetite for alternatives and provide greater diversification solutions” added Mr Laughlin.

Investors have the opportunity to see the IPO Wealth Team again at the Switzer Investor Strategy Day event series, held in Sydney (30 April), Melbourne (7 May) and Brisbane (8 May) the event will focus on income and growth for SMSF, companies and individual investors.


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