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Investing for income: Alternative Opportunity

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Peter Switzer and Managing Director of Mayfair 101 and founder of IPO Wealth, James Mawhinney discuss the investment strategies of Mayfair 101 and how they ensure returns are delivered on time to investors.

Mr Mawhinney said “One of the challenges Australian investors have is getting exposure to the Fintech companies, there is very few organisations that Mayfair 101 have come across that have exposure to these platforms and whilst there are other investment companies, Mayfair 101 is much more hands on in helping these companies through the ecosystem. This is one of our key points of difference. We have been working very hard to develop an ecosystem not only in Australia but in overseas markets, in particular with our London team”.

“The benefit to investors is that they get exposure to an asset class that is otherwise hard to access on a pool basis, IPO Wealth is capable of paying higher yields because the returns we are earning are a lot more attractive. We are finding a lot of our investors are moving over from traditional providers as they are not getting the level of service that we can provide” stated Mr Mawhinney.


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