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Insights Into the Investment Strategy of the Mayfair 101 Group

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Mayfair 101 emphasises its focus on “activating opportunities that matter”. It is something the average investment company sometimes overlooks in their hunt for yield or capital growth, or to drive share price.

Instead, the family-owned group identifies, activates and nurtures opportunities that generate value by bringing the Mayfair 101 brand and its considerable resources including finance and manpower, to opportunities that can have a positive social impact and improve the lives of those their investment touches.


Diversification as a security measure

Like other investment conglomerates such as Berkshire Hathaway and Virgin Group, Mayfair 101 Group has a heavily diversified portfolio of assets across a range of sectors and geographies including companies it holds majority and minority interests in.

Similar to its well-known counterparts, Mayfair 101 evidently considers that diversification is a crucial component required for weathering economic or political uncertainty.

This diversification is of paramount importance to the group which has considerable skin in the game with its investment strategy and therefore wants to ensure all funds are collectively deployed in a responsible, considered and well-managed way.


Where Mayfair 101 invests

Mayfair 101’s assets can be grouped into the following five key areas:

  • Property – local and international real estate including development and property management;

  • Financial Services – including corporate bonds, SME credit and wealth management;

  • Emerging Markets – high growth countries with high rates of mobile phone and internet uptake;

  • Media – which provides the Group with considerable buying power to market its portfolio companies; and

  • Ventures – earlier stage and pre-IPO investment opportunities which the Group has limited exposure to yet considers an important part of a balanced overall portfolio.

When you consider the Group holds asset in 10 countries across the variety of sectors mentioned above it would be fair to say that one might be hard-pressed to find a similar level of diversification in other investment products, which is a key component of Mayfair 101’s risk management strategy.


Modelled on some of the best in the business

Mayfair 101 Group Managing Director, James Mawhinney

When we asked Mayfair 101 Group’s Founder and Managing Director James Mawhinney about the resemblance of the Group with these industry giants, he said: “Our management team are firm believers in following the business models of the best rather than reinventing the wheel.

“Virgin Group, Berkshire and Alphabet are among the most successful conglomerates in the world. They operate lean teams that enable them to deploy capital efficiently and have built brand profiles that enable them to obtain a competitive advantage in attracting and capitalising on the best investment opportunities.

“The Mayfair 101 brand is already gaining considerable recognition across a variety of industries and we will continue to diligently build out the group alongside our investors who have helped us activate some remarkable opportunities.”

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