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Insight into India’s largest B2B payments company (a Mayfair 101 portfolio company)

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

PayMate founder and CEO Ajay Adiseshan along with CFO Ravi Vishvanathan provide insight into Indias largest B2B payments company.

Mayfair Portfolio company, PayMate, is a B2B payments business largely focused on the Indian market helping large businesses and enterprises make payments to smaller businesses as well as helping them collect payments from their customers.

Mr Adiseshan explains, ''We optimise payments between these entities, an end-to-end procurement to payment cycle which includes invoicing and all the other aspects, making it easy for businesses to pay other businesses''.

PayMate has facilitated over USD5billion of payments last financial year, experiencing a significant growth in only a short period of time.

Based on their success in India PayMate will begin to replicate their partnership with Visa outside of India and are looking to expand into the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe, said Mr Adiseshan.


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