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How Diversification Is Key to Mayfair 101's Risk Management Strategy

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Mayfair 101's Group Managing Director James Mawhinney discusses how the Group's emphasis on diversification is a key component of its risk management strategy, and how few Australian investments offer such a degree of diversification.

The diversification strategy includes the recent investment in over $180m of heavily under-valued Australian real estate in Queensland including the purchase of the freehold land on Dunk Island.

"We are diversified in 10 countries, 5 currencies and over 10 sectors. We are investing in early-stage businesses right through to profit-making businesses that are over 10 years old, which includes businesses that are on track to be listed or acquired."

"As a group, we originally invested in fintech, digital media and payments companies. As the group has scaled in recent years, we consider it important to continue to diversify through other asset classes."


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