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Dunk Island Owners Property Buy-up

The Mayfair 101 Group has confirmed it has completed settlements on 100 properties in and around Mission Beach after buying Dunk Island four months ago and just a week after revealing it would launch a barge to start construction works on the Cassowary Coast tourist destination.

Mayfair Iconic Properties CEO Stuart Duplock said the business was “now well-advanced in our planning to transform the economy of Mission Beach”.

“Over the past few months, we have made significant progress by putting measures in place to drive major investments in the region, as well as working through the time-consuming task of comprehensively completing due-diligence and settlement on 100 of the over 250 properties the Mayfair 101 Group has under contract,” Mr Duplock said.

Mayfair Iconic Properties CEO, Stuart Duplock

Mr Duplock said the residential properties would be used to help grow tourism in the area and represented an opportunity to provide a consistent, high standard of service to guests visiting the region.

"Our team is committed to completing settlement of the remaining 150 or so properties that are due to settle over the next 18 months and is excited by the economies of scale we can achieve with such a significant portfolio in an upcoming region.”

Plans for Dunk Island are well under way, with surveys recently starting on the Spit area and sand replenishment activities due to begin within a matter of weeks.

In December, Mayfair Iconic Properties released its initial vision for upgrades to the Dunk Island spit, including the establishment of a new beach bar and cafe, upgrades to camping, barbecue and toilet facilities, as well as revegetation.

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