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Dunk Island New Owners to Launch New Vessel Ahead of Construction

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Mayfair Iconic Properties is preparing to launch a barge which will carry excavation and construction equipment to Dunk Island for use in the rebuild of the spit and the former five-star resort.

Mayfair Iconic Properties has conducted routine annual maintenance on the barge to ensure it remains fully operational and in survey. The barge, built in 2002, is 24.48m long, was worth $500,000 and was acquired as part of the Dunk Island settlement.

“The barge will be used to transport heavy equipment, including but not limited to the newly purchased excavator, loader and articulated dump truck.”

“The barge will be mainly operating between Mourilyan Harbour and Dunk Island, building a convenient link between the mainland and Dunk Island."

“With a barge in operation, Mayfair Iconic Properties will be able to officially commence larger-scale constructions, such as sand replenishment and the spit bar development."

Mayfair Iconic Properties Chief Executive, Stuart Duplock, and Mayfair 101 Group Managing Director, James Mawhinney, were present to talk to locals and show artist’s impressions of plans for the Spit bar development.

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