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Announcing the Investing has Changed Australia wide tour

Smart investors are continually seeking new ways to keep ahead financially, particularly during this time of sustained record low interest rates, and economic and political uncertainty. Mayfair 101 has emerged as a recognised global investment group that is focused on leading the shift toward non-bank investment alternatives.

Join us for an education-packed, informative presentation on how investing has changed and where the best opportunities lie for Australian investors to generate a strong rate of return – in 2020 and beyond.

Presented by the Mayfair 101 Group’s Managing Director, James Mawhinney, in this 2-hour presentation you will learn about:

  • Why banks don’t want to be banks any more;

  • What is causing the tidal movement towards non-bank alternatives;

  • Where wealthy families are investing to achieve strong investment returns;

  • Where to invest for this and future generations;

  • How the technological shift will make it hard for banks to compete;

  • Why bank deposit rates are so low and where to find a better rate of return;

  • The importance of diversification in periods of uncertainty;

  • Emerging markets and why they represent an important component of a diversified portfolio;

  • What the Government Guarantee (Financial Claims Scheme) means for wholesale investors;

  • Where companies and SMSFs are putting their money to keep ahead of inflation;

  • Why financial planners are facing extinction and what will replace them.


In addition to this, guests will receive valuable insights into the Mayfair 101 Group’s investment strategy including:

  • Where Mayfair 101 is investing right now – and how we provide exclusive investment opportunities for wholesale investors to invest alongside us;

  • How Mayfair 101 structures its investments to protect investor capital;

  • The innovative strategy behind Mayfair 101’s $180 million Queensland property acquisition program, including its plans for Mission Beach and Dunk Island;

  • An introduction to some of our leading investments, including how a Mayfair 101 portfolio company has provided over $300 million in default-free small business loans and attracted Visa as a shareholder;

  • Investment opportunities starting from $100k+ available for wholesale investors to keep ahead of inflation;

  • How Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway have played an important role in Mayfair 101’s business model;

  • Meet key Mayfair 101 and Mayfair Platinum team members in person.


Tickets are complimentary for Mayfair Platinum and IPO Wealth clients (code required, please contact your Client Relationship Manager) and just $47 for general admission. You are welcome to bring along a guest at no additional cost, please note all participants need to register in the link below. Tickets are limited so we encourage you to move quickly for this must-see event.

Get your investment strategy ready for 2020 and beyond – book your seat today!

If you have any questions please contact the event coordinator


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