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2019 in Review - Mayfair 101 Group Update

Dear fellow investors,

2019 Mayfair 101 Group Update

I begin this 2019 Investor Letter with a feeling of pride about the significant milestones our Group has achieved for itself and its investors in the past year. As I look back on 2019 - a period in which we have seen profound political and economic change - the Group has grown from strength-to-strength, not only in terms of financial performance, but also in our steadfast dedication to help investors, clients and various forward-thinking initiatives around the world.

Earlier this week we held a full day Advisory Board meeting in London. The Advisory Board plays an active role in advising on the Group’s business and investment strategy and is made up of some exceptionally talented and well-connected individuals from around the world, all of whom have diverse backgrounds and skill sets.

It was extremely valuable for the Mayfair 101 leadership team to spend the day discussing our progress and future with the Advisory Board, and it was evident from the discussions that we have identified a significant opportunity to help re-define the financial services and banking industries, and, importantly, to create win-win outcomes for our investors and clients in the opportunities that we selectively choose to allocate Group resources to.


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