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Why this opportunity matters

The superyachting industry is fragmented, inefficient, and currently only accessible to the ultra-wealthy. 


Luxury, multi-million dollar yachts of 40m and above are used for an average of just 4 weeks by owners, take an average of over 2 years to sell, and remain accessible only in one location, making superyachting out of reach for most yachting enthusiasts.

Mayfair Yachts is democratising the superyachting industry by assembling a fleet of 30 superyachts of 40m+, and making these available via an exclusive member-only program.

A similar model has been successfully implemented by Warren Buffet's aviation company, NetJets, which now holds a fleet of over 700 private jets and services over 1,000 customers.

The superyachting industry and its many participants, suppliers, and want-to-be participants, will benefit from a sensible, cost-effective model that has customer experience at its heart.

Note: the Mayfair Yachts team is working with Mayfair Iconic Properties to evaluate the establishment of a hospitality training centre at Mission Beach, Queensland as Australia's superyachting laws have recently been made more favourable.

Social benefits

  • Industry growth - greater participation in an otherwise small industry

  • Environmental - a focus on environmentally sustainable yachting

  • Employment - job growth driven by higher utilisation

  • Social - enjoyment of unique yachting experiences for more people

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