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"Exquisite properties brought to life"

Mayfair Iconic Properties

Mayfair Iconic Properties is the property development and management division of the Mayfair 101 Group. The company specialises in identifying iconic, unique properties and regions that the Group can add value to.


A key point of difference is the ability of Mayfair Iconic Properties to leverage the Group's assets within the property, technology (and other) sectors in order to create value.


The Mayfair Iconic Properties team consists of experienced professionals with over $3 billion of development experience between them. The team's specialist expertise includes:

  • Property development

  • Town planning

  • Tourism 

  • Retail & shopping centres

  • Hotels & resorts

  • Hospitality

  • Award-winning architecture

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Feasibility studies

  • Infrastructure upgrades

  • Property management

  • Aged care facilities

  • Hotel management selection

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