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Online Investments Pty Ltd t/a Mayfair 101 (ABN 981 34 785 890) provides investment and corporate advisory services including funds management, asset management, capital raising, corporate advisory, M&A (merger & acquisition) advisory, and direct investment either directly or via its wholly owned subsidiaries.


Mayfair 101 is a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR # 001274568) of Quattro Capital Group Pty Ltd (AFSL # 334653). Mayfair 101's authority under its Corporate Authorised Representative Agreement with Quattro Capital Group Pty Ltd is limited to the provision of financial services to Wholesale clients only pursuant to the Corporations Act (Cth), including advice relating to deposit products, foreign exchange contracts, derivatives, interests in management investment schemes, and securities.  Mayfair 101 and its wholly owned subsidiaries are not deposit-taking institutions in Australia or the United Kingdom and are not authorised to conduct retail banking activities as specified in the Banking Act 1959 (Cth). 

Mayfair 101 Limited is an Appointed Representative of Sapia Partners LLP, a firm regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.  Mayfair 101 Limited’s activities in the United Kingdom and the activities of Mayfair 101 in Australia, should be considered as separate activities.

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Investment Strategy

Mayfair 101 operates a private equity investment model and selectively provides funding and group resources to companies that fits its investment criteria. The following information provides a guide as to the investment strategy of Mayfair 101 and its subsidiaries.

Investment criteria

Mayfair 101 operates an investment banking-style investment model and selectively provides funding and group resources to companies that  fits its investment criteria. The following information provides a guide as to the investment strategy of Mayfair 101 and its subsidiaries.

Geographic spread

Mayfair 101 considers that geographic diversification is an important component of a responsible investment strategy. This helps keep exposure to political risk and currency volatility at a comfortable level.  

We believe that investing in emerging markets (in addition to developed nations) is a key component of the group's investment strategy.  Countries that are experiencing high levels of GDP and population growth, and advancements in their banking & financial services industries provide unique growth opportunities that contribute to their economic development.  Mayfair 101 engages with reputable transaction-based service providers experienced in operating in emerging markets to enable the group to carry out its investment strategy.

Having investments across over 11 countries provides Mayfair 101 with a balanced portfolio with geographic diversification that can otherwise be hard to find in local or more geographically restricted investment products.

Sector diversification​

Whilst Mayfair 101 is agnostic in relation to its choice of sectors, we have identified that the group's investments in financial technology ('fintech') assets provides the greatest leverage and the most far-reaching contributions toward societal development.

The groups interests have been expanded into assets including property, mining, media, and data assets, providing a comfortable level of diversification and asset-backing.

Wholesale credit providers

Mayfair 101 provides funding solutions to companies in the business of providing credit to their clients.  Wholesale credit providers represent a leveraged opportunity for Mayfair 101 to deploy funds at scale.  In particular, we favour those with a technological advantage to assess credit-worthiness of borrowers.

We provide funding solutions to wholesale credit providers with:

  • Forecast demand of $50m+ per year in credit

  • Proven lending models with minimal delinquency rates

  • Use of data analytics and artificial intelligence for credit analysis

  • Adequate security measures 

  • Demonstrable ability to grow shareholder value

Established companies

​Mayfair 101 provides funding solutions for established companies of up to $30 million on a convertible note basis.  Funds will be released in tranches upon achieving pre-agreed milestones.

Investee companies will typically have the following features:

  • 5+ years trading history

  • Path to IPO or listing within 24 months

  • Path to trade sale within 3-5 years

  • Strong management team 

  • Opportunity to expand internationally

  • Needing transaction support for merger & acquisition activities

  • Seeking finance from a non-bank investment partner to support growth initiatives

  • Ability to provide adequate security

Early stage companies

Mayfair 101 provides funding solutions to early stage companies of up to $5 million on a convertible note basis.  Funds will be released in tranches upon achieving pre-agreed milestones.

Investee companies will typically have the following features:

  • 2+ person management team with demonstrable successful business history in the chosen sector

  • Demonstrable history of raising capital (either in current or previous  company(s))

  • Clearly identifiable niche opportunity

  • Complimentary to other Mayfair 101 portfolio companies

  • Agreeable to repaying Mayfair 101's investment (convertible note) from subsequent funding rounds or cash flow from operations

  • Ability to provide adequate security

Complementary assets

Mayfair 101 consistently seeks value growth through the pairing of complementary assets within the portfolio.  Our investment banking-style ecosystem gives the group with the ability to identify partnership opportunities between portfolio companies in addition to the knowledge-sharing advantages of a group structure. 

"A balance of asset classes, geographic diversification, and an emphasis on growth"
“The team at Mayfair 101 is professional and forward thinking when it comes to making strategic investments. I was most impressed with their thorough and methodical due diligence process which ensures that they identify and make quality investments in scalable businesses with higher ROIs, thus enabling investors to earn a strong, consistent return on their money. I would gladly recommend Mayfair 101. ” 
- William Wong, Liven (Founder & CEO)
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