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Online Investments Pty Ltd t/a Mayfair 101 (ABN 981 34 785 890) provides investment and corporate advisory services including funds management, asset management, capital raising, corporate advisory, M&A (merger & acquisition) advisory, and direct investment either directly or via its wholly owned subsidiaries.


Mayfair 101 is a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR # 001274568) of Quattro Capital Group Pty Ltd (AFSL # 334653). Mayfair 101's authority under its Corporate Authorised Representative Agreement with Quattro Capital Group Pty Ltd is limited to the provision of financial services to Wholesale clients only pursuant to the Corporations Act (Cth), including advice relating to deposit products, foreign exchange contracts, derivatives, interests in management investment schemes, and securities.  Mayfair 101 and its wholly owned subsidiaries are not deposit-taking institutions in Australia or the United Kingdom and are not authorised to conduct retail banking activities as specified in the Banking Act 1959 (Cth). 

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Forward-thinking approach to social responsibility. Mayfair 101 favours investment opportunities that have a positive global impact.  We provide capital and expertise to companies that have initiatives with substantial influence on making the world a better place.

Investments with a remarkable positive impact on society

The scale of Mayfair 101's ability to effect change on society through its investments is noteworthy, and should be factored in to any decision to do business with the group.

By way of example, Mayfair 101 is helping bring positive outcomes to society across investments that:

  • empower micro and small businesses in developing nations to become more competitive globally by providing access to technology and funding

  • create employment and education opportunities through alliances with leading Government organisations

  • increase safety of the general public through the intelligent deployment of technology

  • have a positive environmental impact through improved energy efficiency, resulting in reduced emissions 

  • increase transparency in the financial system and reduce cash-based transactions

  • provide customers with the ability to quickly and easily donate to charity every time they transact with merchants

  • enable policies and decisions being made by people of influence to be better-aligned with their membership groups

If your company is capable of having a remarkable positive impact on society and requires funding we encourage you to complete the form on our Apply for Funding page.

"Impact investing to promote greater equality and help the less privileged"
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