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Investor Education Centre > Useful Tips & Knowledge > Am I classified as a High Net Worth investor?

Am I classified as a High Net Worth investor?

Many people think that a High Net Worth individual is someone with tens or hundreds of millions, or even billions of dollars.  Well, it’s certainly not the case in Australia at least.


A high net worth investor may not have as much money or assets as you might think, and, you may very well be one of them. 

In Australia there is no specific definition or amount an investor needs to invest to be classified as a High Net Worth investor.  There is however a Corporations Act provision which sets out what a Wholesale investor is and generally-speaking, if someone has at least $500,000 or more to invest they qualify as a Wholesale investor.

Certain investment products, including those offered by IPO Wealth, are often made available exclusively to Wholesale investors (i.e. retail investors can’t invest).  This is often done to enable the companies offering such products to work with larger investors.  There is also an inherent assumption that those that have larger amounts of capital to invest are more sophisticated and are able to grasp financial concepts relating to the products in a more meaningful way.

High Net Worth or Wholesale investors can access investment products and opportunities not available to retail customers, providing a greater level of selection and further diversification possibilities.

So, if you feel you fall into the Wholesale investor category based on either your income level, net assets or level of available cash it is pretty safe to say you are a High Net Worth individual.   

IPO Wealth was established specifically to cater for High Net Worth investors seeking income-producing investments.  We only work with Wholesale clients meaning we provide a higher level of service and the opportunity to target great returns from our term-based investment options. You can get started from as little as $100,000 and join our many customers Australia-wide that have made the switch to IPO Wealth.

Mayfair 101 established IPO Wealth to specifically cater for High Net Worth investors seeking income-producing investments.  For more information visit


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