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"Asking the right questions to activate your data value."


Mayfair 101 portfolio company Alqami provides a unique view into a company’s data assets, providing value to customers by identifying under-utilised data across enterprise silos. It suggests actionable steps to the user to increase returns  using a unique asset and investment outlay.


Data is everywhere.  It has become the most powerful asset in the world. While businesses have plenty of data, many do not  know how to activate its true potential. Alqami engage with businesses to educate, guide and build a deeper understanding of their data and how to use it in the most efficient way to drive value.


Alquami have an agile team of experienced data specialists who ask the right questions to enable actionable insight and discover unique connections matching producers and consumers of data. Alqami are collaborative, flexible and ready to tackle any data challenges that clients have, and can assist with turning an expensive data problem into a profitable asset.

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