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Investor Education Centre > Investing as a Company > 5 Benefits of Investing Surplus Company Money

5 Benefits of Investing Surplus Company Money

If your company is sitting on excess cash it could be time to let your money do some work instead of you.  Chances are it is earning minimal interest and is therefore potentially a heavily underutilised asset.

Here are 7 key things you can benefit from when you invest surplus company money in an income-producing investment product such as an income fund, property fund, term deposit, corporate bonds or other income-producing form of security:

1. Additional revenue stream

Managing cash flow in business can be challenging at times.  Having an additional, predictable revenue stream can provide an added degree of certainty over your cash flow, with many income products paying monthly or quarterly interest distributions.

2. Improved bottom line

Ultimately what counts in business is your bottom line.  A well-chosen income-producing investment can provide you with a healthier bottom line which can either be re-invested in your business or used to fund lifestyle requirements.

3. Tax effectiveness

If you are on a high rate of tax personally there is a good chance that investing in an income-producing investment via a company and then re-investing the profits is more tax effective than investing in your personal name.  Company tax rates are more favourable than the higher rates of income tax and you may like to speak to your accountant to see if it makes more sense to invest via your company rather than being slugged with a big income tax bill.

4. Gain exposure to alternative investments

For many, their investment experience is either limited to their line of work or leaving money in savings accounts or term deposits.  By exploring alternative investment options you can develop your understanding of how the wealthy manage their money and generate income streams from their investments.  Many business owners are so caught up in the day-to-day of their business they forget that their money can be put to work either short or long term for a better result.

5. Get ahead of your competition

There is a good chance your competitors haven’t twigged on to the fact that their surplus money can be invested elsewhere to boost cash flow and improve their bottom line.  Smart business owners use every possible resource they can to grow their business and keep ahead of competition – how they invest surplus cash is one key way of achieving this.


Australian Companies can invest their surplus cash with IPO Wealth as a way of earning an income stream from their investment.  We provide 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 and 60 month terms and the option of monthly income distributions, which can be a great source of additional revenue and cash flow. Each investor receives a dedicated Australia-based Client Relationship Manager. We have many companies throughout Australia that have chosen to make the switch to us to boost their profitability.

Mayfair 101 established IPO Wealth to specifically cater for High Net Worth investors seeking income-producing investments.  For more information visit www.ipowealth.com.au


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